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Be Prepared

1.) Government issued Photo I.D for taxpayer (and spouse if married filing joint)

2.) Social Security Cards/ITIN for everyone who will be on the return (taxpayer, spouse, dependents)

3.) Proof of ALL income received for the year (W-2, self employment, rental income, foreign earned income, retirement income IRA pension, social security income, unemployment benefits, alimony, gambling winnings, investment income from stocks bonds dividends, state tax refunds, royalties, prizes and awards etc.)

4.) Expenses that qualify for itemized deductions (medical expenses, charitable contributions, proir year tax prep fees, mortgage interest, IRA contributions, real estate taxes, state/local taxes, union dues, job-hunting expenses etc.)

Use Caution When Choosing Your Tax Preparer

I know must of us rely on our 'gut' feeling of when it comes to meeting someone new, but when it comes to our sensitive personal information we need to be extra leery. Use these tips when looking for your tax professional:

1.) Preparers who claim they can get you larger refunds. If returns are done correctly, every preparer should come to the same refund amount

2.) Prepares that guarantee refunds or base fees on a percentage of refund

3.) Offers no continuing support or contact info

4.) Preparer does not have a PTIN (Preparer Tax Identifaction Number)

5.) Encourages you to inflate deductions or claim dedecutions you have never heard of before

6.) Asks you to sign a blank form

7.) Signs as "Self-Prepared"


Review you return before signing and if you dont understand or have questions about it, SPEAK UP!

You are legally responsible for everything on return, even if someone else prepared it, so be sure there is a high trust level before handing over your financial and other personal information

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